Mark's practice tracks for "Turkey River Song"

Saturday 6/15/24 – this is mix: “Turkey River Song 115 sans vocal guide 2.wav”

There is just enough of a pickup on each vocal entry to serve as a cue—then it fades out.

Here is the track slowed down to 115 bpm from the original 120 bpm.

Studio track with studio vocal replaced with “home” vocal.

Thursday, June 13, 2024 – This is mix: “Turkey River Song 6-13-24.wav”

words & music by Mark Haines

It was way back when when three young men
Went tubing on the Turkey.
Ignoring every warning that the stream was high and fast.
And, being young, they thought their luck
would surely not desert them.
But soon they learned, to their dismay,
That good luck does not last.

    Please beware, please take care,
    For the Turkey's high and fast.
    Though you're young, you're not immortal.
    And this lark could be your last.

Borne swiftly down the river, still one tuber fell behind.
The two ahead drew near a bend
So sharp that they were blind
To any kind of hazard that might lurk beyond their ken.
So they beached their tubes and fared on foot
To see what might impend.

Blithely unaware, the third was swept
Like flotsam 'round the bend.
And hard upon a fallen tree,
his course too late to mend.
He clutched a branch, the tube slipped off
And flew up in the air.
And left him helpless, hanging,
So it seemed, without a prayer.

The two friends then, in desperate haste,
Climbed out upon the tree.
Two straining arms wrapped 'round a branch
Were all that they could see.
At no small risk, they clutched those arms
And hauled the poor soul out.
Goes to show that friends in need
Are friends, without a doubt.

Above – “Turkey River Song” with guide tracks.

Above – “Turkey River Song” without guide tracks.

Hi Mark,
The top player is the Turkey River song with “guide” parts. They indicate were your harmonica comes in and where you vocals come in. 

The bottom player is the Turkey River song WITHOUT the guide parts. So, if you get comfortable with the version with the guide tracks, then try the bottom version WITHOUT the cues.

Incidentally, I put a two-measure intro before the harmonica intro starts.

Artwork for Wichita's 45th anniversary dance

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