Who are the Memory Brothers?

WHO ARE THEY? Originally members of the five-piece band The Runaways (later named the Rubber Band,) Doug Koempel and Larry Crandall of West Union, Iowa left the group in the late ’60s to form the acoustic duo, Doug & Larry

In 1974 they began touring the Midwest club circuit full time; and for branding reasons, Doug & Larry became The Memory Brothers.

WHERE DID THE NAME COME FROM? First, their fans were constantly commenting, “Your music really brings back lots of memories,” and secondly, the guys played lots of “brothers” music, e.g. Everly Bros., Mills Bros., Statler Bros., Righteous Bros., etc. 

So, by combining those two elements, “memories” and “brothers,” it only seemed logical to call themselves, The Memory Brothers.

Doug and Larry at IRRMA Hall of Fame concert 2010.