Bookshelves for Sister

Here are the four basement bookshelves from left to right A-D.

The first two bookshelves, A & B, match. The other two, C & D, are different heights and do not match in style.

Bookshelf A (above)

Bookshelf B (above)

Bookshelf C (above)

Bookshelf D (above)

These bookshelves are “modular” in that each section comes apart. As far as I can tell, the top section consists of three parts: a) the front glass cover, b) the top piece and c) the case. Pictured above would be the TOP SECTION (foreground) and the FRONT GLASS COVER (background.)

This section (pictured above) would be the CASE portion.

It appears that there is one broken glass pane in each of the cases (except bookshelf C.) But I’m sure you could replace the glass panes without much trouble.

The internal depth (front to back) of ALL the bookcases is 10″.

My suggestion for you, Robin, would probably be to take bookshelves A & B, ‘cuz they match and would look nicest side-by-side.

Picture above is the “desk-thingy” that I thought you said you wanted.

Above photo taken, unfortunately, in haste with my cell phone.

This is the “secretary” heirloom thingy that sat in the family room here in West Union until it was disassembled and taken to Robin’s place on Thursday, July 20, 2023. 

The provenance, written by Mu, read:

“This was purchased by Ed and Bess Traeger (my parents) on their wedding trip to Chicago. They paid $8.00 and received it at the reduced price because the glass had a crack. They shipped it to Sumner by rail. Grandpa & Grandma Laurence Traeger used it for many years when my mother, Bess, gave it to them. When they died, I had someone bid on it because it had sentimental value. I paid $2.00. We stored it in our basement and Robin played behind it. One day she painted it white. I later had Candi Wedemeier take paint off & refinish it.”