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    What’s that word at the top of the page? “Remastered?” So what does that mean? And what do all these CDs pictured above have to do with anything?!!

    Well, first things first . . .

    In audio jargon, “mastering” is the last step in the audio production process. It’s the final touch in post-production when it comes to optimizing the sound of a CD, audio cassette or record for a variety of playback devices, e.g., boombox, car stereo, living-room stereo system, etc. And mastering also ensures that each track of an album will be a consistent volume relative to each of the other tracks.


    When Doug Koempel of the Memory Brothers first started recording back in 1966, there were no CDs; and the audio cassette had just been introduced in America that very same year – most commercial recordings were still either 45 or LP records.


    Doug’s first 45 record with the Rubber Band in 1966

    The Memory Brothers’ first few recordings came out as records. They didn’t produce a CD until 1992 with their release of Somebody’s Searchin’. So between 1966 and 1992, their albums were either vinyl or audio cassettes.

    During the late ’70s and early ’80s, studios started digital recording as opposed to using those familiar, reel-to-reel tape machines (“analog recording”) you see in the movies. Doug’s studio, Bird-On-Fire Recording & Mastering, didn’t transition from analog to digital until the late ’90s.

    Although the analog sound was very good, the newer digital recordings had a much different sound – many listeners preferred the digital sound (and digital media, i.e., CDs) – digital sound was seen as the wave of the future. (Ironically many of the young producers of today’s music have gone back to analog recording and vinyl – but that’s a whole other article!)

    The current demand for CDs isn’t what it used to be. Why? Because so much music is now played via streaming services such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

    So in addition to CDs, the Memory Brothers now have quite a catalog of music on streaming media. For instance if you are signed up for Amazon Prime or have a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited and have an Echo device (Alexa), you can listen to dozens of Memory Brothers’ songs by simply saying, “Alexa, play Memory Brothers.”


    Over the years, the Memory Brothers have written and recorded dozens and dozens of songs and released 15 albums. And surprisingly many of their fans are still unaware that songs they dance to on a regular basis such as “My Baby Came Back,” “Dreaming Out Loud,” “Fat Legged Woman Blues” and “Little Girl’s Eyes” are indeed original, Memory Brothers’ tunes.

    So in early 2020, Doug decided to reintroduce some of his pre-digital albums by optimizing these Memory Brothers’ analog-era albums for the digital age!

    The result? All those CDs pictured at the top of this page! These are all the previously-released albums that showcase so many of those great songs that you probably thought some other artists or bands made popular!


    A few of you longtime fans still have the original LPs and/or audio cassettes of these albums from when they first came out. And now in 2020, some of you have discovered that you can’t listen to that music; because either 1) you can’t find a cassette player or 2) your turntable doesn’t work anymore!

    Fear not – because you can listen once again to your favorite, Memory Brothers’ albums – now in pristine, re-mastered digital quality on CD!