"Back in the Old Neighborhood" Project


Friday, March 22, 2024

This is mix: “Cherry Cherry 2 3-22-24.wav”

  1. I redid the lead vocal
  2. I redid the harmony/background vocals
  3. Added more reverb to the vocals (Neil Diamond’s original is drenched in reverb)
  4. I used Ozone 10’s AI feature to set mastering plug-in chain.

Sunday, March 10, 2024

This is mix: “Cherry Cherry 3-10-24.wav”

  1. I switched computer keyboard + mouse with my video editing computer, ‘cuz this studio mouse was driving me crazy—acting erratic. Seems to have fixed the issue.
  2. I touched up the bass part during the choruses and changed the patch from the VI.One acoustic bass to M-Audio KeyRig GM acoustic bass—much closer to Neil Diamond’s bass on “Cherry Cherry.”
  3. I EQed the lows and lower-mids on the acoustic guitars to take out some of the mud.
  4. I added another piano track using the Yamaha NP-V80’s default grand and converted it to an audio file. And then I lowered the two, VI.One piano tracks.
  5. I cleaned up the timing on the two VI.One piano tracks.
  6. I didn’t do any work on the vocals but I did reduce the reverb on these tracks.
  7. I added two tracks of Storia acoustic on the chorus (one track hand-strummed and the other track pick strummed.)

Saturday, March 9, 2024

This is mix: “Cherry Cherry 3-9-24.wav”

  1. Worked up the drums yesterday using Addictive Drums 2. Also worked up drum map as per Mike Enjo’s Addictive Drums 2 tutorial at Creative Sauce.
  2. Worked up bass using Acoustic Bass patch from VI.One basses.
  3. Two pianos, 1 and 2 from VI.One library. I’ve got to redo these piano parts.
  4. Put two tracks of my Yamaha Storia acoustic. They need to be touched up.
  5. Added tambourine from percussion volume of Drums on Demand.
  6. Added hand claps from VI.One’s drums > percussion > clap.
  7. Quickly put on scratch vocal (with harmony) for reference.
  8. I’m thinking that maybe the GM bass in M-Audio’s KeyRig might be the bass to use on this track.
  9. I think the drum set can come up in the mix.
  10. I’ve got to redo the bass part in the chorus.
  11. I think the acoustic guitar needs to keep going throughout the chorus.


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

This is mix: “It’s A Little Too Late 3-26-24 B.wav”

  1. I touched up the lead vocal (intonation)
  2. Cleaned up the vocal harmony entrances.
  3. I added an accordion, Cajun style (from VI.One library)
  4. Mixed Rhodes piano in and out with accordion part and dropped it out during vocals.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

This is mix: “It’s A Little Too Late 3-24-24.wav”

  1. I removed piano track and recorded a new, Fender Rhodes track (with tremolo.)
  2. I added a tambourine track, triplet 8th on the chorus and straight 2 & 4 on the verses and e.piano instrumental.
  3. I redid hand claps, so they just fall on the 2 & 4 with no 8ths.
  4. I redid the bass guitar part on the “A” chord on the choruses, so that it’s just a syncopated ascending arpeggio.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

This is mix: “It’s A Little Too Late 3-3-24.wav”

  1. This is in “A” and is 165 bpm
  2. Today I worked this up in RealBand
  3. Transferred files to Cakewalk
  4. Added vocal and harmony vocal
  5. Edited ending so it has a drum extension with hard ending
  6. Added hand claps
  7. Need to put in instrumental plus guitar licks.
  8. Possibly add acoustic guitar


Saturday, March 23, 2024

This is mix: “A Thousand Stars 2 3-23-24.wav”

  1. I redid the lead vocal
  2. I backed off the Smoothe 2 (de-essing preset) ‘cuz it was dulling the vocal.
  3. I added Vocal 1 (smooth) EQ from Pro Channel to all vocal tracks.
  4. I raised the volume of the background vocals
  5. I replaced the kick + hat + snare ending with an understated kick.

Monday, March 4, 2024

This is mix: “A Thousand Stars 2 3-4-24 C.wav”

  1. Today I primarily worked on the lead vocal.
  2. While touching up the lead vocal, I succeeded in erasing the drum track (‘cuz I had the record engaged for the drums from a prior session.) However, I salvaged the track by first saving the current project as “A Thousand Stars 2”, then I opened the original project, “A Thousand Stars”, froze the drum track and then exported it. Then I imported the frozen drum track into the “A Thousand Stars 2” project.
  3. I added more lower end to lead vocal, ‘cuz it was sounding thin in the previous mix.
  4. I attenuated the gain 6 dB on the added kick drum hit at the end of the ritard, because I noticed quite a spike in the mixdown waveform.
  5. I fixed the lyric in the 2nd chorus from “I’m with you tonight” to “You’re with me tonight.”

Friday, March 1, 2024

This is mix: “A Thousand Stars 3-1-24B.wav”

  1. I touched up lead vocal
  2. Added harmony vocals to end
  3. Added a drum hit at the very end
  4. Redid the drum ending with roll on ride cymbal
  5. Touched up the left hand in the piano during choruses
  6. Fixed bass guitar note – got rid of walking bass in parts.
  7. Add harmony vocals at end and tagged the song with “I’m yours” (like Kathy Young version.)
  8. Removed several random cymbal crashes
  9. Lowered the mix on the background vocals and brought up certain phrases in the bass vocal to simulate a “doo-wop” vibe.
  10. Sync’ed up the “Oh pretty baby . . .” line on the first chorus. My original lead vocal hesitated on the word “Oh”. I didn’t like that, so I redid that line.

Friday, February 29, 2024

This is mix: “A Thousand Stars 2-29-24.wav”

  1. I did the background vocals: third above; fifth above and bass.
  2. I patched up the ritard on the ending. The change in tempo caused some of the WAV files to warble; so I re-recorded 2 tracks of the acoustic guitar (finger picking and strumming), bass guitar, kick drum and ride cymbal.
  3. I replaced the delay on the lead vocal with a reverb.
  4. I did some mixing on the nylon guitar part – took it out in sections.
  5. I corrected a couple of wrong bass guitar notes.
  6.  I removed the strings from the first chorus.
  7. I put a roll on the ride cymbal at the end.
  8. I cleaned up some of the piano part at the end.
  9. I need to edit the vocal harmonies at the end.
  10. I need to take out some of the crash cymbals.
  11. I should probably clean up the bass guitar track.
  12. I need to work on the lead vocal.
  13. I took the Master buss down to -2.8 dB.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

This is mix: “A Thousand Stars 2-28-24B.wav”

  1. The past two days I worked up tracks in RealBand in key of “E” at 68 bpm: drums, bass, strummed acoustic guitar, fingerpicked acoustic, nylon solo guitar.
  2. Imported the RealBand tracks into Cakewalk today.
  3. Added arpeggiated piano to verses and triplet piano to chorus using VI.One jazz upright piano.
  4. Edited the ending for a ritard and ending.
  5. Added volume envelope to Nylon solo guitar—took a lot of it out.
  6. Recorded a scratch lead vocal.
  7. Need to add harmony vocals.
  8. Enabled VX-64 strip plug-in. It must have been disabled the other day when I updated Cakewalk.


Saturday, February 24, 2024

This is mix: “World Goes ‘Round 2-24-24.wav”

  1. I recorded the backing harmonies today.
  2. I touched up the first verse “Got muscles in his head.”
  3. I added Soothe 2 to the vocal parts to minimize the edginess and sibilance from the B2 mic.
  4. I lowered the reverb on the lead vocal.
  5. I got rid of the BIAB snare on the choruses and added a DOD drum part. And I used a combination of the original opening BIAB drum part with a “paddleball brush” drum set from DOD.
  6. Brought up the level of the bottle flute just a tad.

Friday, February 23, 2024

This is mix: “World Goes ‘Round 2-23-24.wav”

  1. Worked up drums, bass, resonator guitar and acoustic guitar tracks in key of “F” at 160 bpm.
  2. Put on scratch vocal track.
  3. Added bottle flute from Piaggero keyboard – converted to WAV and kept MIDI track muted (there are a couple notes that need to be fixed.)
  4. Edited ending for ritard.
  5. Need to add harmony vocals.
  6. Need to work on drum track.


Saturday, March 16, 2024

This is mix: “The Old Neighborhood 2 3-16-24.wav”

  1. Added Soothe 2 (de-essor preset) to lead vocal
  2. Brought lead vocal up in mix.
  3. Archived and hid the two RealGuitar tracks (control track and audio track), then exported the “frozen” RealGuitar track from the previous mix and imported it into this current mix and froze it. That way I don’t have to monkey with two tracks—just committed the part to a frozen wav.
  4. Brought drum track down.

Monday, Feb. 19, 2024

This is mix: “The Old Neighborhood 2-19-24 B.wav”

  1. I redid the first line on lead vocal.
  2. I replaced the percussion during the instrumental with “hand snare.”
  3. I edited the drums during the instrumental to take out oddly-placed crash and shifted the crash to the downbeat of the instrumental.
  4. I added a “ride bell” at the end of the instrumental on percussion track.
  5. I brought the master fader up to -2.8 dB
  6. I added a bass-roll off preset in ACL. It rolls 60 Hz off about -6 dB.

Sunday, Feb. 18, 2024

This is mix: “The Old Neighborhood 2-18/24.wav”

  1. I redid the vocal on intro chorus.
  2. Added hand percussion to instrumental sections.
  3. Added a bass glissando preceding verse 2.
  4. Added two tracks of vocal “la la’s” paralleling the sax counter-melody for verse 2 (singing the same part as the sax solo.)
  5. Brought up the level of the original hand percussion.

Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024

This is mix: “The Old Neighborhood 2-17-24.wav”

  1. I started on the scratch lead vocal last night (Fri.) and finished it today. Several parts need to be redone.
  2. Added harmony vocals.
  3. Added the sax accompaniment to the last verse.
  4. I’d added a sax/cello intro yesterday that seemed pretty good at the time; however after listening to it today, I deleted it.
  5. I added some hand percussion from DOD Percussion Essentials to both in the instrumental section and the ending fadeout.
  6. At the end during fadeout, I added a sax part preceded by a four-note cello pizzicato.

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024

This is mix: “The Old Neighborhood 2-15-24 B.wav”

  1. I recreated the instrumental section using a tenor sax (panned 10% left) and a cello (panned 10% right), both from the VI.ONE library. I played both parts by memory. Then I compared what I played with the original lead part. I liked the spontaneity of the 2009 lead part, so I a visual check of the new part with the 2009 part by looking at the STAFF and the PIANO FOLL views. I then tweaked the new part to be almost identical to the 2009 part—lots of work!
  2. I lowered the level of the drums (as the kick seemed too predominant in yesterday’s mix.)
  3. I added the Sonitus Multi-band limiter using the Smooth preset to the Master bus, limiting the output at -2 dB.
  4. I used one of the mastering presets in Ozone 10 and then rolled off quite a bit of the lows between 80 and 130 Hz using ACL graphic EQ.
  5. I noticed back in 2009, I’d neglected to route a few of these tracks through the Master bus (specifically the Rhythm & Twang track) So, I made sure all the tracks were routed through the Master bus. I’d noticed this when I did the first mix of today’s project and the fiddle and e. guitar were way too loud, ‘cuz they weren’t running through the Sonitus Multi-band limited which was on the Master bus.

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2024

This is mix: The Old Neighborhood 2-14-24E.wav”

  1. This is “The Old Neighborhood,” sans vocals & instrumental, reconstructed by comparing old mixes and fragments contained within an old Cakewalk project file.
  2. In the current Cakewalk by BandLab project file, I had to align the 2009 composite WAV file (see below) with the recovered “Funky Experimental” track from 2006 (that evolved into the 2009 composite + vocals + instrumental) to figure out what went where.
  3. Even though I searched through 4 archived external drives, I was unable to find the actual Cakewalk/Sonar project that would have had the vocals and instrumental on. On the very last drive I checked, I did find a project titled “Funky Experimental.cwp” that turned out to be the basis for this song.
  4. I replaced the lo fi electric piano on the original recording with an “airy pianola” from VI.One.
  5. I reconstructed the entire project comparing it with two 2009 wav files, Old Neighborhood.wav and The Old Neighborhood.wav—both identical other than the latter also contained the vocals & the sax/viola instrumental—very tedious work.

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2024

This is mix: “Old Neighborhood.wav”

  1. This is the original, composite backing track done in 11/1/2009.
  2. This does not have vocals or the sax/viola instrumental.
  3. The source material ends at 1:47. The remainder is a composite of the preceding material. It will be like a puzzle to recreate the sequence of sections. But it’s doable—especially referencing this trac. 

Friday, February 9, 2024

This is mix: “Back In The Old Neighborhood.wav”

  1. I started work on this song on March 16, 2006.
  2. I finished the lyrics and recorded this specific demo on Nov. 16, 2009.
  3. I will redo it for this current project.


Thursday, February 8, 2024

This is mix: “Everybody for video de-muddled.wav””

  • I had the wrong date in the intro. So I updated it from “Feb 2” to “Feb 8.”
  • I didn’t like the thumbnail, so I’ve changed that three times. Now it’s color.
  • I added a slow zoom-in on the final verse.
  • I replaced the original track with one that’s be EQed to take out some of the thickness in the low mids


Wednesday, January 24, 2024

This is mix: “You’re Only Lonely 1-24-24.wav”

  1. Continued lead vocal track and touched up intonation and lyric issues.
  2. Put additional 3rd part harmony at very end.
  3. Put drums back in during breaks.
  4. Brought down level of VI.One tambourine

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

  1. I redid lead vocal completely and archived original lead vocal track. Lead vocal track needs more work.
  2. I put Smoothe 2 on lead vocal track.
  3. I added additional background vocals at end of verse 3.

Monday, January 22, 2024

This is mix: “You’re Only Lonely 1-22-24 C.wav”

  1. Put harmony vocals in at end of verses.
  2. Raised level of drums and added plate reverb.
  3. Put instrumental breaks preceding choruses.
  4. Put cymbal crash at beginning of choruses.
  5. Raised lead vocal level.
  6. Took Auto-tune off lead vocal.
  7. Added slight doubling and de-essing to lead vocal.
  8. Used Ozone’s Dynamic EQ preset in ACL.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

This is mix: “You’re Only Lonely 1-21-24.wav”

  1. I worked on background vocals some more.
  2. Touched up a few spots on lead vocal.
  3. Raised volume of crash at beginning.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

This is mix: “You’re Only Lonely 1-20-24 B.wav”

  1. I finished the piano part from about 3/4 of the way ’til the end.
  2. I added two tracks of tambourine: One mirroring the snare drum part which starts at verse 2. The other is a steady eighth-note pattern that starts right after verse 2.
  3. I added a crash cymbal on the first beat (like the original.)
  4. I added a scratch vocal to build background vocals around.

Friday, January 19, 2024

This is mix: “You’re Only Lonely 1-19-24.wav”

  1. I added piano today using the Malmsjös Piano (Mozart Grand.)
  2. I tried to pattern the piano part after the piano on the original recording. It was challenging, ‘cuz the original recording is somewhere between A and Bb, and my recording is in Eb.
  3. I have about 75% of the piano part done, I need to finish the end. I just ran out of steam today. I think I spent about 5 hours working on the piano part (2-7 pm.)

Thursday, January 18, 2024

  1. I rendered BIAB tracks into individual WAV tracks on to USB drive and moved to studio computer.
  2. I set up a new project titled You’re Only Lonely and set the tempo to 110 BPM.
  3. I imported the BIAB tracks into the project by simply dragging them from File Explorer into the Cakewalk track view. I renamed tracks.
  4. The tracks had been saved in BIAB as Acidized and so were transposed down a step (Db) in Cakewalk. To get them back to Eb, in Cakewalk I went to: Project > Set default groove clip pitch > None.
  5. I tried a variety of pianos, including the Black Grande in VI.ONE and default grand piano in KeyRig. However, I believe the best sounding piano was the Malmsjös Piano which I was able to access through Kontakt 7. The specific piano I used was the Mozart Grand.
  6. Did not record piano today but will tomorrow, section by section, by comparing the piano part in the original recording by J.D. Souther.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

This is mix: “You’re Only Lonely Eb.wav”

  1. This is at 110 bpm – which may be considerably faster than the original by J.D. Souther (I’ll have to check.)
  2. I used to do this in “F” for live performance, but I took it down to “D” for this project and then decided to raise it to “Eb”—so, this is a step lower than what I’m used to doing it. We’ll see when it comes time for vocals.
  3. The bass is an acoustic bass from the Chris Hein library.
  4. Drums are a brush set from Addictive Drums 2 library.
  5. Acoustic guitar is my Storia recorded with Behringer B-2 mic processed with a “doubler” preset in TH3 Guitar Amp plugin—panned at 2 PM.
  6. Electric guitar is my Ibanez GRX20-JB with capo on first fret—fingered as though I’m in D. This is recorded through the Spark MINI amp (preset 1) with SM57 one inch from grill. This is panned to 10 AM opposite the acoustic guitar.


Saturday, March 30, 2024

This is mix: “Something Good 3-30-24 D.wav”

  1. Changed detuned piano from the Honky Tonk Piano patch in NP-V80 to Saloon Hallway Piano in VI.One library.
  2. I used the Pop target in Ozone for mastering instead of the Folk.
  3. I cleaned up some of the harmony vocals, i.e., attacks, releases and some intonation.
  4. [   ] I’m thinking that I should remove the hand claps and possibly lower the tambourine even more as they seem to be masking the drum track.


Friday, March 29, 2024

This is mix: “Something Good 3-29-24 B.wav”

  1. I reduced tambourine slightly
  2. I added “Ahhhh’s and ooooo’s”
  3. I lowered the detuned piano slightly
  4. I panned both the claps and tambourine to 12 o’clock
  5. I used the “folk” setting in Ozone AI mastering instead of “rock”; ‘cuz the “folk” has more compression, and it just sounds better.
  6. I did not use my “low shelf” preset in ACL. It takes too much from the bass.
  7. I boosted the Storia lead in instrumental just a tad.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

This is mix: “Something Good 3-28-24.wav”

  1. I added piano intro and continued with sparse piano chording throughout the song using a detuned upright (that’s what it sounds like on the original Herman’s Hermits’ version.) There’s also the original piano part still on this, but when it comes in I pan the detuned piano slightly to the left and the original piano part slightly to the right, so they don’t “compete.”
  2. I added handclaps as per the original.
  3. I modified the bass by inserting a walking bass on the fifth measure of each verse (as per the original.) The original bass I put in is still in there—but not during the walking bass parts.
  4. [   ] I still want to add some “Ahhhhhs” on chorus “She’s everything I’ve been dreaming of”—harmony + harmony on 1st line of instrumental.
  5. [   ] I think the tambourine can be brought down a tad.
  6. I reduced the master bus to -2.8 dB.
  7. I let Ozone’s AI set the mastering chain.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

This is mix: “Something Good 1-13-24.wav”

  1. This mix is the same as yesterday’s mix (“Something Good 1-12-24.wav”) except I removed harmony vocals on H2, H3 and H4 on 2nd half of verse 2.
  2. This mix was used for the YouTube video.

Friday, January 12, 2024

This is mix: “Something Good 1-12-24.wav”

  1. Re-recorded bits of the vocals where intonation, pronunciation and sync problems were obvious.
  2. Decreased delay on lead vocal.
  3. Changed DOD essential percussion tambourine from “tiny” to “pop.”
  4. Recorded background vocals on tracks: H2, H3 and H4.
  5. Added a tad more reverb on Storia solo.
  6. Left volume of e. guitar licks where it was in yesterday’s mix.
  7. Used essential glue in legacy Ozone presets.
  8. Consider taking compression off bass guitar [—] 1/13/24 Note: There was no compression on bass guitar.
  9. Cut out 2nd half of H2, H3 and H4 at end of verse 2 [x] 1/13/24.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

This is mix: “Something Good 1-11-24.wav”

  1. Added tambourine starting on 1st bridge
  2. Added e. guitar licks with the Ibanez.
  3. Lowered bass guitar track
  4. Lowered both acoustic guitar tracks and panned them opposite each other at 9:00 and 3:00.
  5. Reduced reverb on drum track
  6. Need to touch up vocals [x] 1/12/24.
  7. Need to lower e. guitar licks [—] decided against it 1/12/24.
  8. Make sure there’s no effects on Storia rhythm track [  ]

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

This is mix: “Something Good 1-10-24 B EQ -Ele.wav”

  1. I cleaned up the vocal tracks and re-recorded the first line of verse 1.
  2. I held off the piano and guitar 1 entrances until later in the song (kept the piano intro at beginning.)
  3. Put EQ and compressor on bass track.
  4. Put some reverb on drum track.
  5. Experimented with different EQs on vocal tracks (used presets in Pro-channel.)
  6. Essentially did a lot of “fine-tuning’.
  7. Replaced the 2nd bridge with an acoustic guitar solo. I used the Storia.
  8. Scooped out the low mids in ACL.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

This is mix: “Something Good 1-9-24 EQ+Ele.wav”

  1. Worked up basic tracks in BIAB
  2. Imported into Cakewalk / key of “F” / 135 bpm
  3. Added Storia acoustic guitar – capo on third fret (fingered as though in “D”)
  4. Added 3 scratch vocal tracks: 1) a lead vocal; 2) a doubled lead vocal and 3) a harmony vocal.
  5. Bass needs work and I’ll redo bass for “walking bass” part.
  6. Instead of a vocal on the 2nd bridge, I’ll put in some type of instrumental.


Monday, March 18, 2024

This is mix: “Bring It On Home 2 3-18-24 C.wav”

  1. I brought lead vocal up in the mix and reduced the compression. And I redid a couple lines of the first verse.
  2. [   ] I re-recorded the last “ooooooo’s” right before the ending and gave it a shorter ending with a “thud” at the end, which I don’t think I like. I might remove the “thud” and just fade it out.
  3. I brought the acoustic guitar solo up during the 2nd instrumental and tweaked the processing (reduced the compression) & reverb.
  4. [   ] I brought the piano down on the intro, but I think I took it down a little too far.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

This is mix: “Bring It On Home To Me 2 3-17-24.wav”

  1. I redid lead vocal
  2. Changed verse 3 “I’ll always be your slave . . .”
  3. Put Soothe 2 (Vocal Rescue Mix Bus) on lead vocal track.
  4. Put Breverb Plate -> 27. Neutral Vox Space -16.6 dB wet level
  5. Added harmony vocal on last verse
  6. Added background vocals on last verse (4 parts.)
  7. Truncated the ending
  8. Re-recorded the Storia acoustic on instrumental
  9. Lowered piano intro
  10. Muted piano 1 during piano 2 instrumental
  11. [   ] Must fade out background vocals at end.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

This is mix: “Bring It On Home 11-12-23 B.wav”

  1. This vocal and acoustic guitar were done live during recording of YouTube video.
  2. Vocal needs to be redone as I hear some distortion, plus verse three definitely needs to be redone.
  3. Vocal was recorded using the AKG C414 mic.



Friday, March 15, 2024

This is mix: “Here Comes My Baby 5 3-15-24.wav”

  1. I changed the bass, ‘cuz the previous bass patch was buried.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

This is mix: “Here Comes My Baby 12-28-23 Eleph2.wav”

  1. This is mix “Here Comes My Baby 3 12-26-23 G sans ACL.wav” with the following modifications:      

            a. I cut 170 Hz by 4 dB; 310 Hz by 5 dB; 600 Hz by 2 dB; 3K by 3 dB; 6K by 2 dB and 13K by 2 dB.

           b. I added Elephant2 using “Doug’s preset”

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

This is mix: “Here Comes My Baby 3 12-26-23 G sans ACL.wav”

  1. I replaced the BIAB drum track with DOD drums
  2. I tweaked the Musicman bass track (transposed down some of the high notes.)
  3. Checked the timing on the cowbell (it was off), the tambourine and the hand claps.
  4. Brought the cowbell down and added a little more reverb from Kontakt.
  5. There is no ACL on this mix.
  6. Check what happened on the drum track during the instrumental!!

Monday, December 25, 2023

This is mix: “Here Comes My Baby 2 B 12-25-23.wav”

  1. I changed the VI.One bass from acoustic bass to electric Musicman bass and also transposed the bass part up one octave.
  2. I used Enhance Depth preset for mastering.

This is mix: “Here Comes My Baby 2 12-25-23.wav”

  1. I added cowbell
  2. I added tambourine to choruses
  3. I re-recorded the first two lines of the first verse (“In the midnight, moonlight hour / He’s walkin’ along that lonely mile” instead of “In the midnight, moonlight / I’ll be walkin’ along that lonely mile”
  4. I added a another track of lead vocal with a couple harmony parts, so that it could be “double-tracked” with the original lead vocal track.
  5. I boosted the piano lick that occurs in the verses.
  6. I boosted the Storia guitar part on the intro (then brought it back down to it’s original level after the intro.)
  7. I dialed back the doubling plug-in on the vocals.
  8. I increased the delay on the vocals.
  9. I panned the Storia closer to center with BIAB acoustic guitar panned counter to the other side of center.
  10. I brought down the master bus (it had been clipping.)
  11. I panned lead vocal slight to the left of center, doubled vocal slightly to the right and kept harmony vocal down the middle.
  12. Used the Center Clarity preset for mastering.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

This is mix: “Here Comes My Baby 2 12-23-23.wav”

  1. I recorded scratch lead vocal and harmony vocal.
  2. I used Sonitus compressor on vocals set to LA-2A preset.
  3. I used the Pro-64 channel strip on vocals with delay and a touch of doubling.
  4. Froze all the tracks.
  5. Added Sonitus compressor to drum track and boosted the output slightly.
  6. Brought up cornet instrumental by 2 dB and refroze track.
  7. Used ACL “CD Master” preset for mastering to USB stick (NV-P80 2 label)
  8. This is the first I used the Behringer B-2 Pro mic. I used it for the acoustic guitar and for vocals.

Project Notes:

3/14/24  (Soothe 2 + Elephant 5 demo-Ultra Smooth +3) / I listened to CD demo in the Family Room on the boombox.
Am I noticing “pumping” due to either Soothe 2 or Elephant 5 (Ultra Smooth +3) applied in ACL, or is it a combination of both due to the limiting that each imparts?
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3/15/24 – I purchased Elephant 5 ($49.95 PayPal)
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Song  Notes:

1. Bring It On Home To Me

  • 3/4/24 (Test CD 9 songs Ultra Smooth +3; Less Low EQ; Listened in family room on boombox)
    • [x] Lower piano intro
    • [x] See if Soothe 2 can take “buzz” off vocal
    • [x] Replace verse 3 with something else(?)
    • [x] Add background harmonies on last verse
    • [x] Put ka-thump ending?
  • 3/14/24  (Soothe 2 + Elephant 5 demo-Ultra Smooth +3)
    • [x] The buzz seems less-noticeable but the vocal seems “muted/muffled.”
    • [x] Must remix to see if vocal distortion was recorded of the result of mixing.

2. Here Comes My Baby

  • 3/4/24 (Test CD 9 songs Ultra Smooth +3; Less Low EQ; Listened in family room on boombox)
    • [x] Where’s bass?

3. Something Good

  • 3/4/24 (Test CD 9 songs Ultra Smooth +3; Less Low EQ; Listened in family room on boombox)
    • Sounds good
  • 3/14/24  (Soothe 2 + Elephant 5 demo-Ultra Smooth +3)
    • The level seems slightly lower than the other mixes

4. You’re Only Lonely

  • 3/4/24 (Test CD 9 songs Ultra Smooth +3; Less Low EQ; Listened in family room on boombox)
    • [  ] “When the nights try you” (intonation?)
  • 3/14/24  (Soothe 2 + Elephant 5 demo-Ultra Smooth +3)
    • [  ] “When the nights try you” (intonation!)

5. Everybody

  • 3/4/24 (Test CD 9 songs Ultra Smooth +3; Less Low EQ; Listened in family room on boombox)
    • Sounds good
  • 3/14/24  (Soothe 2 + Elephant 5 demo-Ultra Smooth +3)
    • Put rest in 2nd-to-last measure

6. The Old Neighborhood

  • 3/4/24 (Test CD 9 songs Ultra Smooth +3; Less Low EQ; Listened in family room on boombox)
    • Sounds good
  • 3/14/24  (Soothe 2 + Elephant 5 demo-Ultra Smooth +3)
    • Sounds good / I brought up intro in ACL

7. A Little Too Late

  • 3/4/24 (Test CD 9 songs Ultra Smooth +3; Less Low EQ; Listened in family room on boombox)
    • [  ] Guitar licks in verses + breaks
    • [  ] Redo vocal?
    • [  ] Touch up bass to keep riff consistent
    • [  ] Tambourine?
  • 3/14/24  (Soothe 2 + Elephant 5 demo-Ultra Smooth +3)
    • [  ] Redo vocal?
    • [  ] Add slapback 120 ms / no feedback / attenuate highs & lows

8. A Thousand Stars

  • 3/4/24 (Test CD 9 songs Ultra Smooth +3; Less Low EQ; Listened in family room on boombox)
    • [x] Replace 2st “Thousand stars in the sky . . . ” with 2nd (or 3rd) “Thousand stars . . .” (simply redid vocals)
    • [x] Vocal seems weak
    • [x] Do the background harmonies need to come up? (Raised them)
  • 3/14/24  (Soothe 2 + Elephant 5 demo-Ultra Smooth +3)
    • [x] replace 1st line! (redid entire vocal)

9. That’s The Way The World Goes ‘Round

  • 3/4/24 (Test CD 9 songs Ultra Smooth +3; Less Low EQ; Listened in family room on boombox)
    • Sounds good
    • Note the vocal settings, as this vocal seems to set better in the mix than any of the other vocals so far.

10. Cherry Cherry

  • 3/4/24 (Test CD 9 songs Ultra Smooth +3; Less Low EQ; Listened in family room on boombox)
    • This song hadn’t been recorded at the time this test CD was made
  • 3/14/24  (Soothe 2 + Elephant 5 demo-Ultra Smooth +3)
    • [x] The vocals on the choruses actually sound pretty good, but the vocals on the verses need to be redone and brought UP in the mix
    • [x] Of course the backing vocals need to be done as per the original recording
    • [   ] Need to touch up the ending “Eat the taco” “Big fat daddy” . . . etc.